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Our products and offers

MARKAUDIO is a technically excellent and mature product.
Both the speakers and the electronic components are manufactured according to the manufacturer's specifications.
The manufacturer's own development department focuses on quality and reliability in the selection of all components.
The high quality standard of the manufacturer is documented by decades of experience!
The further advantages and information can be found on the respective information page of the products.



Delivery times

After the order has been received, we will check the shipping and payment terms you have requested. After that, the order will be
confirmed and released for further processing. After receipt of payment, the goods will be sent, usually within 24 hours!
At the latest, however, within 3 working days!
Delivery information about goods that is not marked in stock in the shop can be requested by E-Mail



We ship via DHL or DHL International.
In certain cases, however, it is necessary to consider alternative means of transport. This is done when the volume or the size
of the order is better suited for pallets and or if there are country-specific restrictions (weight and / or girth) do not meet DHL's conditions of carriage.
We ask for understanding if in these cases we can determine the collection of freight costs only later.



30-Days Money Back / Returns / Withdrawal

With our 30 days money back offer you are on the safe side!
During this time, we offer you the opportunity to convince yourself of the quality and functionality of MARKAUDIO products and
to evaluate the products in your field of application. However, we would ask you to order the items only if there is a purchase interest.
If you are not sure, we may be able to assist you with the existing TEST EQUIPMENT in the decision or you can simply be advised by us
for your purpose or your ideas. Furthermore, of course, the legally regulated right of withdrawal is 14 days.
However, this has no effect in practice due to the much better MARKAUDIO Germany 30-Days Money Back.




3 year warranty / Legal warranty

In addition to the statutory warranty period of 2 years, we offer you the free, 3-year warranty MARKAUDIO Germany.
The legal warranty remains unchanged, because we are considerably improving the conditions for you.
For more information, see 3 YEAR WARRANTY.
We will be happy to answer your questions by E-MAIL



The goods offered by us is of high quality and the manufacturer attaches particular importance to reliability in daily use!
If something should still be defective, we ask you to send us a SERVICE REQUEST by email in advance, to enable us to send
you the address of the appropriate service workshop and provide further instructions or assistance as needed.