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Welcome to MARKAUDIO Germany,


Thank you for your interest in our brands and products. We are pleased that you're here!

MARKAUDIO Germany belongs to S.M.I.L.E. Vertriebs GmbH, which operates as a wholesaler since 1987.
Originally founded by Harry Schubkegel, the former owner of Session Music Walldorf, Dirk Hesse was on board from the first hour,
first as sales manager and after a short period of time, he soonly became the managing director.

However, the company name "SMILE Music", which was originally chosen by Dirk Hesse, had to be closed
A big „Thank You“ goes out to Heidelberg's unreasonable commercial registration.
The name has to be changed in Smile Session Music Instruments Stock and Electronics Sales GmbH. This is how the shortcut emerged: S.M.I.L.E. Vertriebs GmbH.

Thus, it was clear from the beginning that it takes a good deal of flexibility, creativity and sustainability to achieve the company's goals.

The wholesaling has grown rapidly and after a short time we are among other well-known brands such as ENGL amps, GODIN guitars, DiMARZIO pickups and
BLADE guitars in the sales assortment.

From the beginning, it has been an important part of our brand and distribution policy - high quality, sustainable products with high value.
And of course, to have always something „special“ in the assortment. That's often not easy, but every wholesaler and manufacturer should confirm,
that it is really important to work hard and never lose the sight of your goals!

Respect and understanding towards our wholesale customers as well as the customers and users always stood in the foreground.
Therefore, inferior or poorly processed products were never interested for us.
We can look back on more than 30 years of loyalty to this philosophy and will continue to work towards having the best possible product in our assortment.

So it happened that at the beginning of the 90s the brand design of the company ENGL was developed in the house "S.M.I.L.E." by Detlef Meinerz and Dirk Hesse,
as well as many other ideas by our employees took place in the manufacturers development department and flowed into the production.

1993 - Dirk Hesse became the executive director of S.M.I.L.E. and moved with the office from Walldorf to Neckargemuend.
Unfortunately, in the following years, we also had to recognize that commitment as well as innovative and future-oriented action is not always appreciated and
success also has its downsides. So it came to some mostly unsightly and one-sided termination of sales activities in the mid 90s.

In the follow-up there was a reorientation in brand assortment a even closer cooperation with the manufacturers - according to the basic principle "less is more".
This resulted in such successful brands like MARKBASS. This concept is still successful and we hope it will stay that way for many more years.